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Tips for adults with ADHD

Children are not the only ones who can have ADHD.  Lots of adults live with the symptoms and never get an “official” diagnosis. One of the biggest issues adults (even those without  ADHD) have is disorganization.  Disorganization stresses people out, … Continue reading

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It’s only a few weeks into the summer and your already hearing “I’m bored!” from your kids!

You know I’m a big advocate of play. I ran across this today when looking for things parents can do with kids over the summer. I know lots of this isn’t new to most parents but sometimes reminders help to … Continue reading

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Child Psychology Facts Teachers Have to Read – re posted from The Thrive Life

This article written by a very good colleague of mine and excellent counselor, helps to understand that the  knowledge that ALL behavior both from children and adults is totally goal directed and the most crucial aspect for changing negative behavior.  … Continue reading

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Are you role modeling safety for your children?

We live in a transparent world these days. You can probably see most everything your neighbor, family and friends are doing these day’s simply by opening up any of your social media accounts. “On the way to work”, “at the gym”, “graduation night”, pictures of the grandchild visiting, or your vacation shots as your on vacation, and so on and so on. All your activity online for your “friends” to see. We’ve all been warned of the dangers about sharing personal information and knowing who your “friends” online really are. Yet, do we really head those warnings? Continue reading

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Keeping children safe online – 5 Steps

Originally posted on Mark Taylor Psychology:
Keeping children safe online – 5 Steps Summary: – start discussions with children about cyber-safety early, & ongoing – make dialogue about cyber-safety part of daily life – education: in particular about privacy settings…

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