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27 Small Acts Of Kindness That Will Help You Lead A More Fulfilling Life Re-Blog

27 Small Acts Of Kindness That Will Help You Lead A More Fulfilling Life. To see original article written by Thought Catalog. 1. Pay for a stranger’s coffee without telling them, so they have a nice surprise when they approach the … Continue reading

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A kind of school that I wish everyone could employ

It’s been proven time and time again that children learn from play. This school may have it right.  education classroom dismissed

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The recent video on social media

A recent video making it’s rounds in social media this week is the one in which three young, teen, girls are shown to disregard all common sense and not only talk to strangers on line, they also agree to meet the strangers in person. Luckily, the outcome is that it is basically an experiment, which the parents are in on, which shows that many teens still disregard warnings and sometimes common sense to meet with total strangers. Why? Continue reading

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Bad Therapy: 10 Signs That You Need a New Therapist

Originally posted on The Family Therapy Blog:
If you are in counseling now or consider seeking a therapist in the future, it is important to choose a counselor who is the right fit for you. I am always saddened to…

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Having problems sleeping? Even the experts do on occassion

We’ve all had problems going to sleep at times. The stress of day to day life sometimes keep us awake at night. Even the people who do studies of sleep sometimes have problems. Lack of proper sleep can cause daytime fatigue, irritability (yep that one is me), and problems concentrating during the day Continue reading

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Best commercial I’ve seen in a long long time

Though it is only a commercial, it’s very heartwarming.  Military kids go though a lot and it’s often rough on them.   Military kids If you know of someone in the military, or a loved one of a military member who is needing … Continue reading

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