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May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month Continue reading

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Why attending school is still so important.

Our world is changing.  How many times a week do we hear that?  How many times a day might one hear it.  Over the years, and even while my own boys were growing up and in school, I started noticing … Continue reading

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On Line Counseling

Online therapy is growing rapidly. The Internet is not just for chatting with friends and relatives anymore. Continue reading

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Tips for adults with ADHD

Children are not the only ones who can have ADHD.  Lots of adults live with the symptoms and never get an “official” diagnosis. One of the biggest issues adults (even those without  ADHD) have is disorganization.  Disorganization stresses people out, … Continue reading

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10 Parenting Lessons From Around the World ‘Parenting Without Borders’ author Christine Gross-Loh shows us how to think globally, via her experiences abroad

A great article written by Christine Gross-Loh, the author of “Parenting without Borders” for parents to read regarding differences in cultures, based on her own experiences. I especially like the Finnish ways of parenting in regards to the fact that their children score higher on international achievement tests and they have more play time, shorter school days and more non-academic courses/classes. Continue reading

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Don’t blow up your balloon

a short video for social workers, therapists, or parents to use with their children to help them learn how to manage their anger

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