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What I recommend to parents dealing with difficult behaviors in their children:

Parent’s often come to me with problems getting their children to stop a behavior, or help getting them to to simply behave.  As many times as I’ve recommended the following program,  I should be being paid by Dr. Phehan LOL. But I’m … Continue reading

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How to become more resiliency from Psychology Today

Webster defines Resiliency as ” the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.”  Stress often causes us to feel like we’ve been stretched, pressed or bent beyond our normal capacity .  … Continue reading

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How to handle stress – reblogged

Psychology Today posted a great article on how mentally strong people handle stress. I know as far as myself this was a great reminder on how stress is not always a bad thing.  If one learns to handle it better … Continue reading

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Turn food fights into fun dinner nights!

Originally posted on Creative Insight Psychotherapy:
Have a child who can be a picky eater or slow to try new things? Check out this game idea to stop the fights at the dinner table. I have 2 young children who…

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